Mary Had A Little Lamb

  • Friday, December 23, 2011

  • "When man attempts to reach up to God, we call it religion.  When God reaches down to man, we call it CHRISTmas."

    They left the Garden fully clothed, but an innocent animal had died to give them covering.  Their sons came to God with gifts in hand, but one sought His pleasure with an impressive display of the works of his hands.  God, instead, smiled upon the one who offered the lamb. They found no security in shelters or rituals the night the angel of death passed by.  Life was the gift only for those to whom the perfect lamb's blood was applied.

    For all the impressive efforts of man to please their God, the regrettable reality is this--their feeble attempts prove completely impotent.  For when man attempts to reach up to God, they call it religion.

    When God reaches down to man, sends the Lamb, and we call it Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, Church!
    Pastor Tom


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