Wise Men Still Adore Him

  • Friday, December 2, 2011

  • Matthew 2

    Horses or camels? Please tell me we didn't rent donkeys! Did we make reservations? We did book this trip on Priceline, didn't we? Is there a penalty if we cancel? You guys sure we should actually do this? I mean...we are throwing our whole lives into chaos over a strange-appearing flaming thing in the sky! We have job responsibilities to cover. We have schedules to rewrite. We have families to consider. Oh…did I mention the recent reports of assaults and robberies on that particular highway? It is not exactly safe to be traveling these days, you know! We should travel in a caravan; how many armed guards do you think it will take to guarantee security? Did it occur to any of you that the larger our traveling contingent, the more attention we attract and the greater the chance we WILL be bushwhacked! Wait till word gets out that we have gold onboard, now THAT ought to excite a few ne'er-do-wells!

    I guess protocol is protocol. "Never approach a king without a gift in your hand." The appropriate gift for a king is certainly shiny gold, so I guess we will be traveling with gold. Incense? Why are we wasting packing space with incense? Isn't the gold enough? What is the baby's mom going to think when she unwraps incense--that the diaper needs changed, the barn is a bit smelly, someone needs a shower? Who's idea was it to include myrrh anyway?!? Bad enough the mom will open a package of sweet smelling stuff to burn, but stuff for a funeral? What kind of sick joke is that?!?

    How far did you say we are from Israel? Have any of you guys ever been there before? Once we cross the river, how far to the capital city? We don't even know for sure he is IN the capital! Who's the coordinator of this search effort anyway? Aren't there more than a few details being overlooked? How exactly do you propose that we locate this royal infant? It's not like there is only one baby boy being delivered this time of year! Oh, and did anyone think about the chaos of the census thing? People are packing out the hotels. Room rates will be sky high, if we can even get a room! What about their testy attitudes over the newly levied taxes? I understand they aren't exactly happy about having to pay tribute anyway, but another tax levy? I'm thinking this is not such a good time to be traveling internationally!

    Travel wear. Anybody think through this wardrobe thing? I mean, here at home people not only recognize this costume, but they actually respect it and the man wearing it! I'm not sure this pointy hat thing is going to be such a good idea when we get to Israel. I can almost hear the voices of middle schoolers!

    Ok, if we are going to go, lets get going. Not getting any closer standing around here rattling our jaws. Time to mount up and head out! Hey, wait a minute. Who decided I would be the one eating everyone's dust back here?!? Did we draw straws while I was making that last pit stop? How about a rotation of some kind? Let's say every five miles or so the back guy (that would be ME!) goes to the front and the middle guy slips to the back? Do we have to all listen to the same music? Couldn't someone PLEASE invent an iPod with some ear buds or something? A DVD system would be fabulous for a trip like this!

    Remind me again…why we are doing this? A new king is born? A historically awaited Messiah has been delivered and we are going there to see him? Oh, we are going to worship? Why didn't you say so! Let's get moving…we don't have time to waste!

    "After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh." (Matthew 2:11)

    Don't forget, Church, wise men STILL adore Him!

    See you Sunday,

    Pastor Tom


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