Watching for the Walk Light

  • Tuesday, July 12, 2011
  • To date, in our study of Theophany, “The Angel of the Lord”, we’ve learned of some very specific and seemingly very recognizable signs from the Lord. After all, what could be more recognizable than an Angel with a sword, or a visitor who wrestles with you, or someone who clearly speaks with you? As Pastor Tom has noted in our study of appearances to such Biblical characters as Hagar, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, and now Gideon when God appeared to the Old Testament saints, it was Jesus Himself who interacted with these folks.

    So, has our study made you stop and reflect on how God speaks to you today? Are you sitting on your front porch waiting for Him to stop by? Are you checking your e-mail or tweets to see if there’s a message from Him? Are you watching for a cross walk light to tell you it’s time to move?

    Sunday we went to Judges chapters six through eight, the story of Gideon and how he was called to lead an “army” to defeat the Midianites. He was sitting under a tree, no doubt bothered by the problems his people were having with the people of Midian. What was he to do? For Gideon, the walk light did turn on, (in Judges 6:11-16). Not only did he receive instructions to win the battle, but he double checked the source of the instructions with not one, but two fleeces.

    But, that isn’t always the case. Think of Nehemiah and how he decided to go to Jerusalem and reconstruct the city. He reacted after visiting with his brother and some men from Judah. David went out against Goliath after hearing stories from other soldiers. Mike and Brit Ulrich headed to Sweden after hearing a group at our church. Mike O’Hara helped start Tiny Hands ministry following a trip to do some mountain climbing after college graduation.

    There’s no record that God appeared to any of these individuals. We have not heard that they saw the walk light turn on and suddenly they could move ahead. Instead, their call began with a subtle agitation of their soul. Some sort of inkling that they should do something. That’s how God works in our world today. But there’s more, a lot more.

    The second thing we learned from Gideon and others in our study is that God will never lead you into a battle or take you on a task that He has not prepared you and empowered you to do. It’s as though he’s given you training and offered you a job all at the same time.

    Third, as Pastor Tom noted, once you’ve embarked on your mission, whether it be teaching children on Sunday morning or traveling to another country as a missionary; if your mission seems manageable under your own power, you have too small a mission.

    Finally, if you think you’re up for the job, if you think you’ve been fully prepared and you know what needs to be done, if you think you have what it takes to succeed, you’re probably not God’s chosen one for the task. You see, God chooses the least likely to succeed in order to greatly enlarge His own glory and praise.

    So, what’s that small voice been calling you to do? What are your excuses for not proceeding? Do you think it’s an easy job and you’re well prepared, or do you think it’s too challenging and you’re not the one?

    Listen. Watch. He’s calling you.


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