Ultimate Game-Changer

  • Friday, July 1, 2011
  • Behind them was the land of Egypt, the Mount of Divine meeting, the wilderness of thousands of funerals and the overflowing Jordan River. They obviously could not go back. Before them rose the fortified walls of the great city, 90 feet in height and 30 feet in thickness; they could neither hope to climb over nor bore their way through it. The residents within were armed, prepared and dangerous. What Israel desperately needed at that moment was a true “Game-Changer!”

    They celebrated their victory. Wade’s three-pointer ripped the net and the scoreboard displayed a fifteen-point lead. Three major contracts, capped by the signing of the superstar from Cleveland, appeared to be the work of an artist—the product of a negotiating genius. Momentum was on their side; the thrill of victory could scarcely be restrained. Game two of the 2010/2011 finals was apparently in the bag.

    As Joshua quietly slips away for a late night survey of the next great challenge on the pathway to occupying the land of promise, he is startled by the appearance of a heavily armed man. But rather than run, he approaches the man with the drawn sword to pose a key question, “Are you for US or for our adversaries?” The inquiry was appropriate to the situation. The response turned the tide of the momentum; it laid the foundation for historic and legendary conquests. In paraphrase form, the answer Joshua received was simply, “Neither.”

    You see, the Ultimate Game-Changer does not come to do combat in our struggles. He does not arrive to our side to fight with us. He does not come to enter into our battles. Rather, He makes the conflict His own. It is HIS fight and He comes to lead the way. He doesn’t join our team but calls on us to submit to His leadership and commit ourselves to fighting on HIS team. “Are you for US or for our adversaries?” “Neither. I come as the Captain of the host of the Lord!”

    The lead was fifteen points and the clock was running out. Victory appeared to be in the bag. But the celebration began just a little too soon, in fact, about seven minutes too soon. In the final six minutes, Miami would be outscored by the unbelievable margin of 20-5! It turned out that the true “game-changer” wore Maverick blue. It was the seasoned German with the injured hand that carried his team to a historic comeback. Mavericks 95. Heat 93.

    When you follow the Ultimate Game-Changer, you can celebrate victory even in the midst of the conflict. We’ve read the rest of the story—we win! No matter the greatness of the challenge nor the seeming impossibility of the task, because as He leads us, unscalable and impenetrable walls fall down. We have been called to the team of the Ultimate Game-Changer. He is the Captain of the hosts of the Lord. And HIS teams always win! We win because we are willing to follow.

    See you Sunday, Church!
    Pastor Tom


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