Theophany Lesson Number One

  • Tuesday, July 5, 2011
  • Phew. Just imagine what must have gone through Joshua’s mind. He followed Moses out of Egypt and meandering around in the wilderness for 40 years. Phew. There were lots of them to lead, the chosen people, some reports suggest more than two million. Phew. After they arrived at the promised land, they didn’t take your advice and God denied them entry until all of the doubters were gone. Phew. Eventually you’re given charge of this motley crew of complainers. Phew. You make it across the flooded river and create a memorial with a dozen stones from the river bed. Phew. Now you’re stuck between the fortress of a city called Jericho and the flooded Jordan.

    But, you’re the leader so on a sleepless night you sneak up to the walled city... after all, you’ve been here before years ago...and shazam, He shows up, sword in hand, and commandments laid out to help you move ahead.

    Circumcise all the sons of Israel. When you’re ready, the plans for taking Jericho involve a lot of walking, around the city to be exact. Oh, by the way, take off your sandals, you’re standing on holy ground.

    This is the ninth time in the Old Testament we’re told about appearances of the Angel of The Lord, or put another way, a theophany. We’ve studied each appearance this summer beginning with Hagar, then Sarah, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Israel, Balaam, and finally Joshua. The list of lessons fill volumes ranging from obeying, acting, He sees and hears us, Wait for the right time, there are things you must do to prepare to act, and many more. In each case, the lessons were a bit different, but there’s always one main lesson that supercedes all others.

    The Captain of the Host of the Lord (the Angel of the Lord) does not come to help us out. He comes to take charge! He took charge when Hagar was lost in the wilderness. He took charge when Moses was called to lead the chosen people from Egypt. He took charge when Joshua and the Israelites were stuck between the swollen river and the mighty fortress called Jericho.

    Sit back and reflect on that. How does it impact your prayer life? (Lord, help me do this) Your spiritual walk? (I pay attention on Sunday and glance at my Bible now and then) What you do each and every day? (I’m an educated person, I can do this and I’ll ask for His blessing when I need it) Read that statement again:

    The Captain of the Host of the Lord does not come to help us out. He comes to take charge!

    That’s theophany lesson number one. Selah.


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