God in Us

  • Friday, February 26, 2010
  • Sometimes it is best to have an expert at your side! A good friend recently alerted me to the proposed assessment value of my house. Having done the mother-in-law addition and increased its size, those who establish the taxable levels seemed convinced they should ask me for more money this year. My friend saw that on-line and sent me a text-message alert. Thus began, what was to me, an unfamiliar process.

    Others have related their stories so I was not totally ignorant of some of the necessary details, but clearly I was moving into previously un-navigated waters from my own perspective. So, in very uncharacteristic fashion (the fragile male ego in me finds it difficult to admit I don't really know what I am doing and be humble enough to ask for help), I sought out the counsel and advice of a number of friends with expertise and experience in this arena. Sometimes it is best to have an expert at your side!

    For over three years, our team affectionately known as "the twelve" have traveled in the presence of the Master. Though they served Him in many ways, He was the expert and they were simply the followers. Uncomfortable and unnerving as their experiences often proved to be, the fact is that they had a track-record of relative success while navigating through previously un-navigated waters. Jesus was by their side and they came through it all just fine. Sometimes it is best to have an expert at your side!

    But now things were changing. Jesus has announced His departure and, though promising not to leave them orphaned, He also told them that they would not be able to follow Him at this time. Suddenly they were facing uncharted waters and became extremely troubled at the thought of moving on without Him present on the journey. They had come to understand that it is often best to have an expert at your side!

    To quiet their fears and to guarantee their success, Jesus promised them that He would give to them "another Helper" that would be with them forever. A Helper. A comforter. An intercessor. An advocate. An expert at their side!

    With the coming of the Holy Spirit things would, believe it or not, be BETTER than walking with Jesus in the flesh. For Jesus had been with them. But sometimes they felt very much alone. After the great Sabbath day healings on the front lawn of Peter's mother-in-law's home, they awakened in the morning to discover that Jesus had already slipped away. After frantic searching, they found Him up in the hills in fellowship with His Father. (Mark 1:32ff) And after the incredible fellowship dinner on the side of the hill where some 5,000 men plus their families received a fully satisfying dinner from just one small lad's sack lunch, they find themselves alone in the midst of a raging storm in the middle of a hostile sea. (John 6:15ff) Then, while Jesus and the "inside three" spend the night on the top of a mountain in fellowship with Moses and Elijah, the other nine wage a losing battle with a demon which had possessed and brutalized a child. Where was Jesus when they needed Him? (Luke 9)

    So the disciples knew how impotent they were and how impossible life could be when Jesus was not at their side. Yet now He tells them He is going away, and that the Holy Spirit Whom He would send would be better than having Him right by their side. Why is that? Because He would be WITH them forever...never leaving them alone. And because He would be IN them. God in us? Our friend in court makes our heart His home! A Helper. A comforter. An intercessor. An advocate (a friend in the courts). Sometimes it is best to have an expert at your side!

    I took the advice which my set-aside pride enabled me to seek. I made the call, and I articulated my case. The authority who met me in my home was gracious and understanding. He heard my appeal and promised to come to my aid. I am grateful for the friends who assisted me in preparation for this appointment. Sometimes it is best to have an expert at your side!


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