Dagon Has Fallen

  • Friday, March 9, 2012

  • Hilarious idol stories. May I say, RIDICULOUS god narratives? If they were not true, they would be virtually impossible to believe. For instance…

    Jacob's father-in-law is tweaked because his daughters, grandkids, and cheap-labor son-in-law are relocating without the common courtesy of saying "good-bye." He tracks them down and commands a thorough search of their properties because someone has "stolen his gods." How big is his god? His daughter successfully hid it under her skirt! Genesis 31

    With an ancient John Deere (a pulling team of oxen), Gideon demolishes the community gods in one short night. When the perpetrator of the blasphemous assault is identified, the people rise up to avenge their gods. His father insightfully declares, "If he (Baal) is a god, let him contend for himself." Judges 6:31 Hmmm…novel thought there.

    The bookmakers had the odds at 450 to 1, but after hours of desperate pleading and humiliating failure, Elijah taunts them. "Either he (Baal) is occupied (not multi-tasking well), or gone aside (time-out in the little boys room), or is on a journey (and left you behind), or perhaps he is asleep (exhausted from taking care of losers) and needs to be awakened (failure of internal clock)." 1 Kings 18:27

    They are hilarious stories for contemplation IF they were not all true, painfully true. But the most shocking story of them all is recorded in the fifth chapter of 1 Kings. Having successfully captured the Ark of the Covenant, the Philistines dedicate it to a place of high honor. They bring it into the House of Dagon (THEIR god) and place it side by side. They now have TWO gods to serve their needs! But when they arrive for worship early the next morning, Dagon has toppled forward on his face. Rather than read the message, they simply help their god up and reposition him in his place. Is that crazy or what? But the story gets even nuttier. The next morning when they arrive for services, not only has Dagon fallen again but this time his head and his hands have been severed when he struck the threshold at the entrance. One would think that this additional message would come through loud and clear, but they they lift up what remains of their god, reset his trunk in its place and add another ritual to their worship. They now fastidiously avoid stepping on thresholds in honor of their fallen god. Is that ridiculous or what?

    I once had a '57 Chevy convertible and it promised to be my significance and security. It worked sort of well, until it started to rust and the transmission began to falter. So I swapped it for a '63 Impala and I was certain I would find significance. But it gave way to a '65 Mustang, which was replaced by…. Now you are thinking this guy is as nutty as those idol worshippers. Ever buy a house expecting it to be everything you ever wanted in life? Or marry the girl of your dreams? Or land the coveted scholarship only to find that something was still missing? Or pick up your luggage after your final landing on the return leg of your dream vacation to discover that…? Or have them hang the medal around your neck and for a moment think, "it just doesn't get any better than this" to wake up a week later and find something still missing? Or _____ ______ ____ (fill in your own blanks)?

    Dagon has fallen and he can't get up. Don't forget it!

    See you Sunday, Church!
    Pastor Tom


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