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  • Friday, June 17, 2011

  • THEOPHANY…the Angel of the Lord turns curses into blessings!

    If a donkey could speak, what would she say?
    If a “seer” could see, what would he perceive?

    A memorable intersection of urgencies brings these unexpected scenarios together. The people, whose incredible numbers became a source of anxiety for the king of Egypt, have wandered methodically through the wilderness, increasing in size and strength along the way. Their track record of victories over those who have resisted their progress has produced bone-jarring dread in the heart of the king of Moab. As Israel has flexed her muscles, the results have proven her opponents to be impotent to defeat or divert her. With all traditional methods of resistance and combat marked as abject failures, King Balak resorts to “spiritual” means. A prophet-for-hire negotiates a dicey contract and ventures into spiritual warfare, only to experience a memorable THEOPHANY.

    • Three strategic appearances of the Angel of the Lord, armed with a lethal sword.
    • Three futile efforts at avoidance by the “seeing” donkey.
    • Three undeserved beatings of an innocent beast at the hand of the “unseeing” seer.
    • Three inquiries into the true will of the Lord.
    Well, donkeys DON’T speak and pagan prophets DON’T perceive...unless God opens a donkey’s mouth and opens a seer’s eyes. Then a donkey would protest her innocence and a perceiving prophet would recognize the presence of the Lord!

    Feel like you are wandering off the intended way? Finding yourself stuck on an impassible path? Frustrated by your lack of forward progress? Striking out in irritation at the innocent nearest to you? Is it possible you are being stymied specifically because you need heaven to open your eyes to see the presence of the Lord?

    THEOPHANY…the Angel of the Lord turns curses into blessings!

    See you Sunday, Church!
    Pastor Tom

    And oh, Happy Father’s Day!


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