Hope for the Harried Household

  • Wednesday, June 30, 2010
  • "Wisdom is not listening to wise sayings. And wisdom is not writing notes on the hearing of wise sayings. Wisdom is not the amassing of journal pages of pithy statements of insight. Wisdom never truly becomes wisdom until it is put to work in one's life."

    Written to provide navigational wisdom for safely and successfully traveling the troubled waters of life, Proverbs is a "user-friendly" manual of insight. But perhaps in our numerous readings of this collection, you have noticed that it is designed to give us glimpses of multiple topics, yet rarely categorizing and grouping them for simple contemplation. Having not been present when the Spirit guided the construction of the book, we can only speculate as to His purpose for this design. I suspect that at least one explanation is that we are to read and think deeply on a statement/declaration, rather than simply accumulate topical lists of related statements. To read Proverbs is to be challenged to think Proverbs with a mind to apply/live Proverbs. It is a "user-friendly" manual of insight.

    So let me recommend that you begin creating a personalized resource of the wisdom you will require if you would successfully navigate the troubled waters of YOUR life. May I suggest a very simple yet extremely helpful method of marking your Bible for reflection effectiveness? Use a color-coded system of reading. Secure for yourself a nice set of colored pencils. Then designate a color for each of the topics you have been noticing in our reading of the book. Then, each day as you are looking at the text, simply color in the verses that correspond to each topic.

    Here's my personal code...you can certainly create your own method!

    • On Money Matters - color it green (how creative, don't you think?) 
    • On Hard Work and Laziness - color it bright orange (a warning sign) 
    • On the subject of Counsel - I chose the color purple 
    • A red box wraps the phrase, "The fear of the Lord..." 
    • Issues of Sexual Morality? Chose pink. 
    • Regarding Deceit and Dishonesty - my color is blue 
    • Anyway...if you are to find this manual of divine wisdom "user-friendly" then preparing your own quick-reference copy will prove over the years to be an invaluable resource for your soul! 
    Don't forget, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; FOOLS despise wisdom and instruction" - Proverbs 1:7. Now grab those pencils and deliver yourself from the label of "fool"!


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